This page shall be devoted to being silly. Stupid pictures of stupid cars and the stupid people who drive them. We shall also throw in the occasional video for there is no shortage of CCTV cameras, and no shortage of incompetent drivers, so the videos take care of themselves! Again feel free to send any pics or vids you have if you think they are worthy. Whether it’s a BMW getting crushed by a tree, a Lamborghini getting writ off by a show off or simply a picture of a people carrier, if it makes us grin we’ll throw it in!

This car had some huge fans; one just couldn’t refrain from smashing its back doors in.

When replacing this car, I’d recommend the BMW X5, it comes with Air Con as standard, no need for botch jobs like this, you could end up spoiling the interior.

Great Paint Job!

Sometimes, whilst you might not be able to afford that sports car you’ve always wanted getting creative can help you feel as if you’re driving it anyway. I tried to paint a Range Rover on my 2001 used Clio, somehow it didn’t work quite as well.

The Ultimate Pussy Wagon

Some titles can be misleading; something tells me you won’t be picking up too many babes in this pussy wagon. I wonder where the petrol pump goes?

Who says men can’t multitask!?

This bloke has got it sussed although he seems to have left the seat down and his pants on….. maybe men can’t multitask. A* for effort though!


Not usually one to demand the front seat, but in this case I think I’ll make an exception, appears a little cramped in the back.